Our master classes, organisational trainings, seminars and events are a fun way to meet, learn from and connect with extraordinary folks and discuss ideas, get feedback or criticism, make friends, build relationship, get driven, rejuvenate your mind, blissfy your soul awakening or just have a cup of coffee to share the laugh and insights for life.

Thousands of career builders, entrepreneurs, change makers and organisations have attended our programs and they are immensely transformed.

Our programs are divided into several categories: mind, body, soul, entrepreneurship, creativity, career & personal growth, relationships, parenting, work, and performance.

People who attend our trainings and programs are five times more likely to come back for another program due to the community-like fun learning and daily micro-learnings that condense complicated life and work productivity topics into easy-to-understand and practical portions. Most of our trainers use learning and teaching approach based on practice, neuroscience, peak performance, and speed learning techniques.


Minus being radical authors of learning programs and books (Yep, we are unrivalled authors) we help writers and creatives or career builders who want to elevate their craft to realise their dream of publishing their books, programs and work.

With the new possibilities of technology and creative thinking, our team of content creators, conceptualisation experts, editors and project management experts make your dream get realised with ease. Whether seeking to author and publish a book or a program, we get you just make that in an outstanding way.

We have a full equipped associate work-club of extraordinary editors, creative design experts, copywriters, and a marketing team to ensure that your work gets highly revered.


For all the projects we do, a management plan is essential to their success. Without one, your project may just look ordinary with issues such as missed deadlines, scope creep and cost overrun or total failure to execute.

While designing drive-based strategies and documenting, one is somehow labour intensive up front, the effort will pay dividends throughout the project lifecycle. We guide you through the critical stages, not only by documenting but giving concepts that make you kick big ass (Yes, kick big ass) while keeping in a stable state of mind.

Any project plan answers the; who, what, where, why, how and when of the project. The purpose of a project plan and management structure is to guide the execution and control project phases. Through our project planning & management service:

⦁ We help project owners to describe and structure the project’s reasons, goals, objectives, constraints, stakeholders, among other aspects.

⦁ Define and enable the project’s scope, schedule, deliverables, milestones, and tasks.

⦁ Break down the project scope into the project phases, sub-projects, deliverables, and work packages that lead to your final deliverable.

Our experience and unrivalled approach to project planning and management will yield effective scope management, quality management, risk assessment, resource management, stakeholder management, schedule management and the change adaptability.